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AH! Pushing Daisies won for Best Supporting Actress!!! Go Kristin Chenoweth!!!!
Makeup for single camera series,
Art Direction
Outstanding Costume in a Series!!!! Of course!!!!!! it's why we all post on here for the fashion!!!!!!!!! i still do miss this show!

hey! also a newbie!

did anyone see the last episode??? it was annoyingly lacking closure... and cute ned/ chuck scenes. :)

i sure hope that movie DOES come out...

anyway, has anyone found any chuck items recently? most of the links created at the time link to items that are no longer available. :(

hi newbie here & questions about PD!

ok has anyone been paying attention to the reamining episodes!? last one airs tomorrow nite 6/13 on abc @ 10pm!

anywho, in windwo dressed to kill i'd love to find out more about Chuck's wardrobe! or where i can find something fun and similar!!!

also- anyone know anything about the props on the set? i adore the huge cherry hanging lamps! anyone idea on how to make/find something like them??

any help i'd appriciate! hi all! 

Chuck dress for sale!

Hi, everyone! I am selling the Yoana Baraschi wrap dress from Anthropologie that Chuck wore in episode 2.7 "Robbing Hood" (pictured here - http://community.livejournal.com/chuckboutique/4804.html#cutid1). The dress is gorgeous and NWT! It retailed for $200+, and I'm looking to sell for $75 shipped (or best offer). (Oh, and it's a size small.)

Pictures under the cut...Collapse )

Costume help!

So, my friend is having a dead people party (where you go as someone who is dead, as opposed to like, zombies or something) and who better than our darling Chuck? (Even if, technically, she isn't dead now :3)

I have this dress which I think is Chuckish (hope the link works, it's to an ebay sale!) but the accessories are gonna be a problem - in that, I'm not sure what to go for. I'm thinking a red scarf, and was gonna go for big sunglasses, but I need glasses to see, so that's not happening! I'm thinking of getting a fake sunflower and carrying it around, or pinning it in my hair. I'm already a brunette and can get my hair curly easily, so that's ok :3 I've also got red converse I'm gonna wear with cherries on (chucks? get it? aaah, I'm hilarious when I'm half asleep)

The rest, though, I don't know - necklace ideas? Other Chuck-like accessories?

Any help would be really appreciated :D

hair help?

Hey everyone. I know this community is about Chuck's wardrobe but I have a hair question and was wondering if it's okay if I ask here? Anyways, I love Chuck's sorta semi-loose curls and was wondering if anyone knew how to do them. Do I need a curling wand or do I just braid my hair? Do I need any gel or moose or something? I'm completely clueless when it comes to these things lol.

Chuck Holiday Style

Does anyone have any suggestions or know where to find Chuck Style for the holiday season?



Does anyone know where I can get a headband like that or something similar to that

Thank you.

Jan. 24th, 2008


[Strongbad voice]It's overrrr![/Strongbad voice]

Part one: here

Part two: here

x-posted this to a few places, my apologies if you see it more than once!